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Jassie Maude

Jassie Is a divine feminine chalice for god source frequency to move through and has dedicated her life to empowering, healing, inspiring and teaching others that we are the source of all we desire, we are our own medicine, our abilities are infinite, magnificent and multidimensional. 

Jassie has stepped into the arts of light alchemy, through years of learning how to heal herself, diving into reiki, wholistic pelvic care™, womb healing, and now becoming a Sentaura® Healing Practitioner and Cosmic Alchemist of Light.


She embodies these practices and teaches yoga, breathwork, meditation and is an experienced Yoga Teacher Trainer, Personal Trainer & movement coach.

My story


One-on-one Breathwork Journey

Enjoy an hour guided breathwork journey tailored to suit your needs. Please feel free to book a free 15 min connect consult to discuss your options.

Private Yoga Session 100AUD

Enjoy a personalised yoga session in the privacy of your own home or location of choice. Choose from


  • Vinyasa

  • Yin

  • Restorative Yoga practices.

Personal Training
from 75AUD

Jassie has been in the personal training and fitness industry for nearly a decade and specialises in strength training.

One on One or paired (2 person) personalised training sessions tailored to suit your needs are $75 per hour for 1 person or $120 per hour for two people.


Bright Start Package 500 AUD

In person:
1 x Sentaura Healing Session
1 x month online yoga subscription with Jassie
4 x personal training or personalised yoga sessions

1 x online Sentaura Healing session
1 x month online yoga subscription with Jassie
4 x personalised online yoga sessions


Sentaura DNA Logo.png
Sentaura® Healing Session
220 AUD

Online Sentaura Healing Sessions 

with Jassie Maude, Sentaura® Healing Practitioner Cosmic Alchemist of Light

Allow 1 hr for a session


About Sentaura / What is Sentaura?

I work with the ancient multi-dimensional Creator frequency Sentaura® which I have been initiated to in a 7-month training program.


The Sentaura® Creator Frequency is the intelligence of source and pure Christ consciousness, which holds the blueprint of, and transmits all other frequencies and source technologies.


Sentaura® weaves source intelligence with healing alchemy and works alongside the Seraphim Diamond Light and Crystal Light Body Technology™ as an advanced energy healing system to pin point specific parts of your body for healing, enhancement, elevation, alignment, activation and unlocking of your human DNA Genetic GoldPrint and Crystalline Gold Light Body.


That means healing, releasing and clearing all that is not in alignment with your highest good and restoring you to your original crystalline blueprint and essence of love as a sovereign being of light.


Sentaura® feels like a warm golden energy streaming into you body and is pure unconditional love.


What to expect during a Sentaura Energy Healing session?

All sessions may include as guided ‐ healing all multi-dimensional aspects and versions of yourself, upgrading of your human DNA profile, chakra and auric field clearing, enhancement of your mental/emotional state, energetic body reharmonization, clearing of ancestral pain and trauma, re‐setting of your body’s bio‐rhythms, releasing of old beliefs, patterns and stuck energy from traumatic experiences in this lifetime and in past lives which often manifest as physical symptoms in the body, removal of karmic debris and cords, and ending of soul contracts if it is for your highest good.


What will a Sentaura Healing session create for you?

  • Sentaura unlocks your ability to master the self.

  • Past dysfunctional patterns are dissolved in the energetic body, creating space and openness to bring in new codes of freedom, love and abundance. This can assist and support your body to heal itself physically and emotionally.

  • Heals through the multi-dimensional energetic layers of all subtle bodies and of the pain body to dissolve fear codes and programming from your lineage and human experience. It is alchemised into golden energy of creativity and possibility - you begin to radiate the energy of who you truly are.  

  • Enhances your mental/emotional state to clear anxiety, frustration, stuckness and depression which leaves you more joyful and clear of mind.

  • Restores balance within the body as a whole.

  • Upgrades your Human DNA at cellular and microparticle level to your Golden Crystalline DNA Profile in alignment with new earth energies. Sentaura works to establish and lock into place your 5D blueprint and aid the transition to your 12D goldprint.

  • Sentaura amplifies vitality and rejuvenation of the physical body, including re-setting your bio-rhythms in alignment with the natural rhythms of nature creating a state of balance for optimal function.

  • Removes karmic cords and debris not for your highest good.

  • Completes soul contracts and attachments. Works to call back all parts of the Soul.

  • Unlocks your Highest Soul Blueprint, activates your Merkaba and Quantum Rings of Velocity when necessary.

  • Clears your chakras and auric field of lower density energetic debris and blocks.

  • Re-connects your column of light to the Unified Field of Higher Consciousness and Pure Stream of Unconditional Love to become a pure channel for higher intelligence and light codes to be anchored into the Earth.

  • Enables you to receive channelled information from your Akashic Records to assist you in clearing past lives and multi-dimensional records.

  • Connects you to your highest timeline, guides and information available for your ascension.

  • Connects you through your celestial gateways with monadic wisdom and innate universal wisdom within you.

  • Activates and amplifies the energy of your diamond light body template and expand your capacity to hold higher frequencies of light.

  • Unlocks and activates dormant or new codes and latent soul gifts ready to come through you.

  • The frequency of Sentaura works to empower you and raise your frequency on all levels, so you remember who you are as a sovereign being of light and love.

  • You’ll feel more clear, energised and inspired to create a life you love after receiving a Sentaura Healing Session.


Who can receive Sentaura Healing?

Anyone, any age.

If you have a pace maker, any medical or mental conditions, please make this known to your Healing Practitioner prior to your healing session.

IMG_5799 (1).JPG


Jassie is a passionate and active yoga teacher and teacher trainer in her community regularly teaching and holding events, to bring yoga to the world, guiding people home to their bodies and hearts. She also has an online yoga group called Earth Mumma Online Yoga.

Jassie Teaches, Vinyasa flow, Triyoga flow, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and is a Teacher Trainer for Advanced Diploma in holistic classical yoga with Demi International.



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of my book

By Jassie Maude

There is nothing quite like a woman who embraces and embodies her uniqueness - unapologetically.

She has dropped the 'Good Girl' mask and has decided to never again sacrifice her values for anothers approval. She is completely and utterly unapologetic in owning all of who she is. She allows herself to be seen in all her glory and unreservedly shares herself with the world.

Of course, it is a life long journey to embody your unapologetic uniqueness. It involves radical self -responsibility, forgiveness and integration of the conditioning that has kept women small for millennia. This book shares the wisdom of women who are on a mission to inspire the unapologetic empowerment of their sisters. Unapologetic will activate you to love all of who you are and to tap into the potent magic that makes you.... unapologetically YOU!

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